Case Study


LIVEBUY is a technology company developing a live video shopping platform. LIVEBUY helps e-commerce companies to launch, operate and grow live shopping channels successfully and with ease.

As a growing startup, we had to get our tech team in place quickly. Partnering with UPPER was ideal, as their tech experts understood our tech roadmap in detail and provided us the right matches to launch our product in time.
Alex von Harsdorf
Co-Founder, CEO

Delivery Team

A product team consisting of 2 product managers, 4 frontend developers, and 2 backend developers.

We provided a Product Manager to kick off initial planning and then ramped up a team to ensure LIVEBUY was able to launch the product in time.

Product Team Setup
  • 2
    Product Managers
  • 4
    Frontend Developers
  • 2
    Backend Developers

1+ years, open ended.

How LIVEBUY leveraged our USPs:
  • Speed
    First talent hired within 4 days
  • Flexibility
    Started with a PM and then scaled up to 8 total managers and developers
  • Expert Matching
    Our CTO-level expert understood the Project Manager requirements first and then scaled the team