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We enable companies and top product & tech freelancers to successfully work together in a future-proof, mutually trusted setup.

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Our goal is to enable True Freelance

  • The right jobs for you The right jobs for you

    The right jobs for you

    We match your unique profile to projects and only invite you to roles that fit you – you say yes or no. Plus, you can always apply to public roles.

    • Set your own rates. Benefit from our advise
    • Choose when and what you work on
  • Qualified opportunities Qualified opportunities

    Qualified opportunities

    We filter all opportunities and make sure the work you get is appropriate and the people commissioning it are qualified.

    • Open opportunity flow. No more “sales”
    • Less management, more action
  • Security Security


    We take the legal and financial risk by standing in between you and the requesting-party, mediating the engagement.

    • We make sure agreements are respected
    • We make sure you get paid in full and on time
  • Member benefits Member benefits

    Member benefits

    Our large community of distributed tech professionals enables us to negotiate great deals for all our members.

    • Co-working deals
    • Conference tickets
    • Discounts to tools & services
  • Community powered Community powered

    Community powered

    Benefit from the knowledge of your peers and work together with like minded individuals.

    • Growing community, Europe-wide
    • Get and give support

How it works

  • Become a member

  • Get invited to a project

  • Learn about the project

  • Engage with the client

  • Autopilot and Support

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Events by us or our community

  • Oranienburger Straße 70 · 10117 Berlin

    Product Management AI with Delivery Hero & Facebook

    Join inspiring makers as they share insights into building great digital products. RSVP opens Monday, December 30, 2019 7:00 PM. Event takes place on Monday, January 13, 2020 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

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  • Berlin, Mix locations

    On Product

    On Product is a bi-monthly meetup for product people in Berlin. Our goal is to create a living community of designers, product managers, developers, QA engineers that exchange ideas, best practises and know how.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The screening process involves several interviews in which we assess each candidate´s skills, seniority and personality. We do not believe in "one size fits all" processes. Each person is unique and we like to tailor the vetting and adjust it to each talent. This is something that really differentiates us from our competitors. At UPPER we are human-driven!

  • This will depend on how much in demand your skills are. For instance, React developers can expect a continuous stream of projects, while skills like PHP are less in demand.

  • We try to keep you engaged as much as possible. If we see your project is ending soon, and we have a project which matches your skills, we'll put you on the front of the list of candidates.

  • This depends on the client and project type and size. In most cases, you will work as a part of a team, lead by a Product Manager.

  • Most of our clients are based in the EU, however, we try to promote remote work as much as we can. In case a position requires on-site presence, or occasional visits, we'll make sure you're aware before accepting a job invitation.

  • As most of our clients are EU-based, typical working hours are 9-5 (GMT+1). However, depending on project and team, some clients only require attendance of daily syncup calls (usually before noon), or partial overlap (4 hours/day during their working hours).

  • Next to every job invite, you can see the Engagement Manager responsible for the position. The easiest way to refer a friend is to email the EM with your friend in CC. If you'd like to refer a client, please email Paul Friedrich directly.

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