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Grow your outsourcing business with UPPER by accessing top projects from companies like IBM, Deloitte, Gorillas and 100s of others.

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We understand your challenges

Acquiring clients is hard
It's increasingly difficult to close and retain new customers in a crowded industry.
Teams must stay busy
Every hour your people are not engaged on a project is a lost opportunity.
Clients take long to pay
Late payments reduce the ability to scale and, in some cases, can kill a business.

Acquire projects for free

As a curated Tech Talent Platform we provide you with top remote projects for your tech talent. You have full control over your people and decide who to assign (if anyone).

Zero bench, zero costs

Eliminate bench time when you don't have a project by easily assigning people on UPPER projects.

Scale without risk

We pay you monthly without delay, so you don't have to wait for clients and run into cashflow problems.

Your people, your rules

Your talent doesn't have access to sensitive info such as rates. And we guarantee that neither us nor our clients can hire them directly (or you get €100K).

We’ve been working with UPPER for almost 2 years now and it’s been a really productive collaboration for us. Having access to more projects allowed us to gradually hire more people and provide them with more diverse roles. It’s also a breath of fresh air to know that all payments are guaranteed and on time. Let's keep this up guys! Onwards and upwards! 🚀
Alex Lazar
CEO and Founder, MCRO
UPPER is a great source for new projects for us! As an agency we often have developers on standby and always looking for new opportunities. While we had some concerns in the beginning about how this might work, they turned out to be one of our main and most reliable revenue sources.
Alexandru Asimionese
Managing Director, Labs42

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How to become a Studio Partner

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Review and sign the Framework Agreement which ensures the safety of your talent and our clients.

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Browse all open roles on the platform and apply with candidates who you think might fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

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