Our Vision is to be the world’s digital department of the future.

Our Mission is to enable companies and top product & tech freelancers
to successfully work together in a future-proof, mutually trusted setup.

  • Access to Top Product & Tech People

  • Start in days. Scale on the go.

  • 1+ Developers to full Delivery Teams

  • Fixed Service Fee. No hidden costs.

  • Managed Service, augmented by tech.

Motivation and beliefs

Why we do this

As automation and robotics take over manual and repetitive labour, we are transitioning to knowledge & creative work, processing information, using our minds instead of our hands.

If you mix this established trend with technology (i.e. communication) and with a global economy, a very interesting future is starting to emerge (particularly for software).

We believe that this future of work is largely freelance and remote, enabled by technology, new methodologies, accumulated past experience, amongst other things.

Our goal is to help shape and guide it to become the best version of itself, enabling the people and companies within it to successfully engage each one other and get the best work done.

Furthermore, we want to put an end to hidden, unfair high margins, “hostage projects” and to unaligned interests when building software of any kind.

We believe that

  • Freelance (flexible) work will be the norm in the coming years, with a strong preference towards remote.
  • Freelance will replace employment once alternatives to employment benefits become widely accessible.
  • We are missing much of the backbone to support this future of work (e.g. knowledge, culture, tools, processes, etc).
  • Companies that don’t adapt will be unable to hire top people in the future as they move to freelance.
  • Companies that don’t adapt will lack the experience and culture to engage with the freelance workforce of the future.
  • 9 to 5 is slowly becoming obsolete as an outdated time-based work system not designed for delivery-oriented work done by tech professionals.

Our core values

  • F*** Mediocracy
  • Ownership
  • Happy Customers
  • Good vibes
  • Agile mindset
  • Honesty & Trust

Meet our growing community

Soon, UPPER AI will actively support all your team members with performance analytics, insights, feedbacks, and much more.

Our Partners

Management Team

  • Victor Cazacu CEO
  • Paul Friedrich COO
future of work

Future of work

Real time status

Freelance economy trends Freelance economy trends
Tech Pros Demand vs Supply Tech Pros Demand vs Supply

Companies with the majority of their workforce as freelance

Companies with the majority of their workforce as remote

*based on data from the EU Commission, NASDAQ, McKinsey Research, Stackoverflow, US Dept. of Labour and more