Our Mission

is to enable companies and top product & tech freelancers to successfully work together in a future-proof, trusted setup.

Our Vision

is to be the world’s digital department of the future.

we do this

Software is here to stay and so are the people who create it. The way we build software may change - from code to visual to natural language to auto/adaptive - but we will still need to build it for all the interfaces and devices to come.

Remote work, self employment and the outsourcing of tech services have been greatly gaining in popularity over the years and now - due to COVID-19 - have been pushed forward by decades.

We believe that in the future companies will fulfil their tech agendas in the cloud, via managed platforms powered by networks of certified freelancers and vendors.
Whether they need to 'hire 5 developers' or 'build an App', companies will access the talent, services and tools, in the cloud, 'just-in-time’.

Our goal is to help shape the future of software delivery, enabling the people and companies within it to successfully engage with each other and get their best work done.

believe that

  • Remote work is the new standard. There’s no going back and that’s a very good thing.

  • Self-employed professionals (ie. freelancers) are the workforce of the future. Skilled professionals driven by the want to choose the work they do and where they do it from.

  • 9 to 5 is dead. Result-oriented work is the new iteration for knowledge workers.

  • Companies that don’t adapt now will lack the ability to engage this future workforce and will miss out on the competitive advantages enabled by this future of work.

  • Employers won’t get away easily with questionable practices and undesirable work. Not anymore. Retaining talent will be one of the biggest challenges for companies.

  • The future of software delivery is in the cloud, with fulfilment via managed platforms powered by networks of certified talents & vendors.

Our Core Values

People first

People are at the very heart of UPPER. Our job is to enable them to successfully engage with each other in an inclusive, respected and mutually trusted setup.


We believe in honesty and fair-play and we live by this value in all our relations with our customers, freelancers and partners.


We act proactively and take full responsibility for our objectives. We’re self starters who own challenges and don't pass them on to others.

Tech Driven

We are builders at heart and we believe that technology improves all our lives when it's designed and applied well.


We think agile and with a sense of urgency - often paving the path we walk on. With few or no examples to follow, having an entrepreneurial mindset is the only way to move forward.

F*** Mediocracy

We think big and set ambitious goals that we follow with determination. We are challenging ourselves to exceed expectations.

Year founded
Remote and loving it


Our experienced leadership team knows the tech sector inside out and has created products used by millions of people every day.

Victor Cazacu
Co-Founder & CEO
Paul Friedrich
Co-Founder & COO
Vlad Cazacu
Mihai Hahui
Head of Talent
Casandra Amores
Head of People & Culture

Our distributed team works remotely from across Europe. Twice a year we choose somewhere cool to meet up in person.

We’re hiring, join our remote-first team!

Investors & Advisors

Cavalry Ventures

Cavalry Ventures is a VC fund focused on European tech companies with €120m+ under management.


another.vc invests in companies challenging long existing business models with disruptive ideas or cutting edge technology.

Christian Rebernik

CEO & Co-Founder at Tomorrow’s Education. Christian Rebernik has had a variety of past roles, including CEO & Founder at Vivy.

Vassil Terziev

Managing Partner at Eleven Ventures, an early stage VC fund focused on the Southeast Europe region.

Our Partners

Tech Open Air

Annual interdisciplinary technology festival in Berlin, Germany.


Boutique Berlin agency supporting disruptive companies and brands in telling the world about their latest news.


Global community for tech entrepreneurs and startups, supporting the growth of over 750 companies across the world.


Shared workspace provider aiming to perfectly suit the unique needs of every team, regardless of size.

Entrepreneur First

International Talent Investor, supporting individuals to build technology companies.

Tech Gigs 👋
Fixed-price projects with certified experts, covering Development, AI, Data, Product and Design.