Case Study


Gorillas is an on-demand grocery delivery company promising deliveries within 10 minutes of ordering.

UPPER supports us with quick action and great collaboration. They helped us find top engineers almost on the spot – an ability that is invaluable for us as a company in hyper-growth. UPPER is definitely a partner we are counting on.
Andrea Franke
Director of Engineering and Product Operations

1+ Freelancers

A team extension consisting of 15 engineers across Backend, Frontend and DevOps roles.

With a clear understanding of Gorillas' technical challenges and team dynamics, our experts were able to identify and propose fitting candidates within days and ramp up the complete team extension for a long term project.

Team Extension Setup
  • 7
    Backend Engineers
  • 3
    DevOps Engineer
  • 5
    Frontend Engineer

6+ months, moved to open ended.

How Gorillas leveraged our USPs
  • Speed
    First hire within 2 days
  • Flexibility
    Started with 4 engineers and scaled up to 15
  • Expert Matching
    Identified people who fit right in with the team