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Kier Farrington - Senior UX Designer

Kier Farrington

Senior UX Designer

Kier is a visual designer with a strong background in user experience and a passion for solving complex business problems with a data-driven approach. His UX background allows Kier to identify emerging user patterns and optimization options by applying a sense and respond approach in crafting user-centric solutions that drive business objectives.

previously at

Deutsche Bank logo

UX Design

Visual Design

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Bartosz Byers - Senior UX/UI Designer

Bartosz Byers

Senior UX/UI Designer

Bartosz is a talented and seasoned visual designer who has worked with 4 German tech unicorns including Zalando, Rocket, HelloFresh and Home24 in leading roles. After serving business and marketing roles, Bartosz shifted his focus to product management and design. After co-founding his own company he advised DAX companies, unicorns, young startups and accelerator programs on designing and building award-winning mobile apps and web products.

previously at

Rocket Internet logo

Visual Design

Product Design

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Darryl Young - Senior Product Designer

Darryl Young

Senior Product Designer

Darryl is a senior visual designer with over a decade of experience leading teams and building products. In his career, he has worked on products small and large, both on-site and remote. Outside of work, Darryl enjoys spending evenings with his family.

previously at


UI/UX Design

Visual Design

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Daria Henry - Senior Visual Designer

Daria Henry

Senior Visual Designer

Daria is a technical and creative product leader, speaker (TU Berlin, Crowdfund) and mentor. She has built and scaled customer-centric products and teams, also worked close with visual designers, built fintech/blockchain apps, ad-tech tools and helped startups to secure over 100 milion users in total.

previously at

Omio logo

Visual Design


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Betty Marsden - Visual Designer

Betty Marsden

Visual Designer

Betty is a Freelance Visual Designer with 7 years of experience in the Berlin Startup and Innovation Scene. Her focus lies in process automation in the workplace for internal and B2B customer facing tools, e.g. ERP systems, IoT & smart factory applications for production/ops, data self-service platforms and marketing automation.Users love to work with the products she creates and stakeholders appreciate how reliable and scalable her products are. Rebecca studied Physics and Math at the Humboldt University of Berlin.

previously at

Heycar logo

Product Management

Visual Design

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