Technical Scoping

We will help you figure out the technical requirements for building a product, from technology stack and architecture to the effort required and ideal team setup.


Understand what is needed to build a product and get a sense for the effort and cost


A CTO-level expert from UPPER, experienced with hundreds of products and teams


Starting with a product review - typically a design or prototype - and ending with a tech "blueprint"


On average it takes ~3 days, but it depends on the complexity of the product

What are the key deliverables?

The final scoping document will contain some or all of the items below:

  • Tech Stack, Architecture

  • Technical Validation

  • Research

  • Team Setup

  • Roadmap

  • Time & Cost Indication

Scoping is NOT
  • A product discovery session
    If the product is not sufficiently clear for tech scoping, we suggest to hire a product expert to define it (we can help)
  • A design sprint
  • A fixed price or commitment to delivery

Where does scoping fit in the timeline of building a product?

Discovery & Design
Define the product
Product Discovery
Product Design
User Testing
Technical Scoping
Prepare for development
Tech Requirements
Time & Cost Indication
Team Configuration
Development Planning
Build the product
Infrastructure (CI/CD)
Development Iterations
QA Testing
Launch the product
Public release
Maintain & run

How it works

Below is typical timeline for scoping a small-mid size product (eg. Web App). The length and complexity of the technical scoping depends fully on the product.



~2 hours

We review the product wireframes, designs and other relevant assets for the scoping



~2 hours

Discuss the product, challenges and goals with our CTO expert, then align on next steps



~3 days

Our CTO expert executes the scoping with you in the loop for any needed validations



~2-4 hours

Done. We wrap up by presenting the end results and discuss the options to go forward

"Absolutely love UPPER. They ramped up our first tech team who built our MVP and then helped us scale the team further as our roadmap grew. Go to partner whenever we need support with tech talent."
Anton Kononov
Founder, FORMEL Skin
"As a growing startup, we had to get our tech team in place quickly. Partnering with UPPER was ideal, as their tech experts understood our tech roadmap in detail and provided us the right matches to launch our product in time."
Alex von Harsdorf
Co-Founder, CEO, LIVEBUY
"The people at UPPER have a good feeling for what their customers need. After a very short briefing, they found the perfect designer and developer for our project. We will definitely work more often with them!"
Philipp Scheller
CEO, Snapp Dance
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