Delivery Team

Scale quickly with a full team,
custom assembled

Complete teams, assembled with a specific mission in mind, inspired by our proven delivery methods.

Use Cases
  • Build a product
    Engage a complete managed team, custom assembled to build your product, with a product manager in the lead.
  • Scale your teams
    Add a new team to your product organisation, working together with your existing teams, independently or under your management.
  • Specialised teams
    Mission-ready teams specialised on a specific topic such as prototyping, building web or mobile MVPs and so on.
  • Plug & play SCRUM teams
    Hire a complete SCRUM team to speed up the development of your product.

For example: React, Node, Java, Php, Angular

Expert Team Assembly

  • Custom, mission specific
  • Expert matching
  • CTO-level sparring

Strictly Vetted Talent

  • Closed door, invite-only network
  • 5-layer vetting process

Start Fast. Scale On The Go.

  • Average of ~10 days
  • Just-In-Time scale

Managed Platform

  • Platform powered
  • Full admin layer

Fair. Safe.

  • Fixed service fee
  • No hidden costs
  • No lock-in

Use Cases

Companies of all sizes build their products and scale up with our delivery teams.

  • Build A Product

  • Scale Your Teams

  • SCRUM Teams

  • Specialised Teams

See how we helped...
  • Scale up with a full team

    We extended their organization with a complete engineering team to help develop their core product.

  • Build the product

    We engaged a full-stack mobile team, including design and backend, to build and launch the iOS and Android applications.

How It Works

Our CTO-level experts custom assemble the ideal to team to get the work done.


Talk To
An Expert

Our domain expert begins by understanding the ideal team configuration needed to get the work done.

  • Clarify team setup
  • Sparring & advice
  • Technical scoping

Team Assembly

With the setup clear, our expert assembles the team following our proprietary team formation recipe.

  • Expert team formation
  • Data driven

Begin With
A Trial

Start working with your new team in ~2 weeks from contract and scale as needed, on the fly.

  • Scale on the go
  • ~2 weeks to start
"We started to work with UPPER as part of our strategy for recruiting senior developers. UPPER understood our needs and proposed us highly dedicated engineers who deliver quality work in a timely manner."
Daniel Smaranda
Product Manager, Streamwide
"The people at UPPER have a good feeling for what their customers need. After a very short briefing, they found the perfect designer and developer for our project. We will definitely work more often with them!"
Philipp Scheller
CEO, Snapp Dance
"As a growing startup, we had to get our tech team in place quickly. Partnering with UPPER was ideal, as their tech experts understood our tech roadmap in detail and provided us the right matches to launch our product in time."
Alex von Harsdorf
Co-Founder, CEO, LIVEBUY
See all success stories

Fully Augmented Service

Everything runs over our managed platform, adding up to a lean and streamlined experience.

Monthly Invoice

A single invoice regardless of how many freelancers you have engaged.

Weekly Reports

Receive weekly time & activity reports in your inbox about your team’s work.

Dedicated Support

Your dedicated engagement manager is always around to support with anything you need.

Always On

For anything you need such as scaling the team, finding a replacement for a freelancer, etc.

Regular Check-ins

Never alone. We check in regularly with you to see how things are going and where we can support.

Quality Control

We keep an eye on the engagement and make sure everything is running smoothly.

UPPER Professionals vs

UPPER Talent
⚡️ Speed
< 10 days
~3 months
💰 Cost of hire / price
€0 cost to hire / flat fee
€30K to hire each employee, high management costs
🤩 Quality
High, only experienced talent
Dependent on ability to hire
🌍 Access and reach
Wide, active sourcing included
Limited to applicant inflow and direct network
👍 Vetting
Multi-level expert vetting for soft and technical skills
Conditional on in-house capabilities
📈 Scalability
High, on demand
Very slow, time intensive
✅ Role fit
High, expert matching
Conditional on access
⚠️ Risk
None, trial period, no lock-ins, no penalties
⚡️ Speed
< 10 days
~1 month
💰 Cost of hire / price
€0 cost to hire / flat fee
High price, hidden margins, high cancellation penalties
🤩 Quality
High, only experienced talent
Unreliable, highly variable
🌍 Access and reach
Wide, active sourcing included
Limited to location, network
👍 Vetting
Multi-level expert vetting for soft and technical skills
✅ Role fit
High, expert matching
Unreliable, get the next available person
📈 Scalability
High, on demand
⚠️ Risk
None, trial period, no lock-ins, no penalties
Very high, risk of losing the full team at once
🤝 Commitment
High, dedicated people
Low, shared people
🤲 Incentives
Aligned, work with reputation-driven professionals
Unaligned, work with employees of another company
⚡️ Speed
< 10 days
Slow, interview many to find one, 'needle in a haystack' solution
💰 Cost of hire / price
€0 cost to hire / flat fee
€0 cost to hire / ~20% fee
🤩 Quality
High, only experienced talent
Highly variable, must do own vetting
👍 Vetting
Multi-level expert vetting for soft and technical skills
Low to none
✅ Role fit
High, expert matching
⚠️ Risk
None, trial period, no lock-ins, no penalties
High due to lack of vetting
🕵️ Quality control
Yes, regular check-ins
💪 Managed service
Yes, full admin and support

Frequently Asked Questions

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