Case Study


Lead.Pro is a lead generation, conversion and tracking SaaS platform for the property industry, based in the UK.

Mladen has been incredible to work with. He writes very clean code and is a great communicator. It's been a pleasure working with UPPER.
Sam Zawadzki

1+ Freelancers

A team extension consisting of one key full-stack engineer, able to support both frontend and backend teams.

We began by understanding Lead.Pro’s goals, technical needs and team dynamics. Then our experts matched the open position with a full-stack engineer equally experienced with Rails and React.

Team Extension Setup
  • 1
    Senior Full-stack Engineer
    Ruby on Rails

Open-end on a full time retainer.

How Lead.Pro leveraged our USPs:
  • Speed
    Kick off in 2 days
  • Expert Matching
    We matched the role with the ideal engineer