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Vlad Cazacu - Senior Mobile Developer

Vlad Cazacu

Senior Android Engineer

Vlad has more than 11 years of professional experience in Android development, software engineering and engineering management focusing on web technologies. He has worked with startups and corporates in multiple industries, from automotive to FinTech. Vlad enjoys tackling difficult architectural challenges and likes to take an active role in development as well, whenever possible.

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Alexandru Adascalitei - Senior Mobile Developer

Alexandru Adascalitei

Senior Android Engineer

Alex is a senior Android developer who has been working with web technologies for the past 10 years. He started working with Adobe Flash & Flex (way back when they were popular) before moving to JavaScript and UI/UX Design, and now to SPA frameworks like React.js and Vue. In recent years, Alex has been working on projects that range from mobile applications for various brands, to complex web applications for startups.

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Gabriel Totoliciu - Senior Mobile Developer

Gabriel Totoliciu

Senior Android Engineer

Gabriel is a senior Android developer that had multiple hats like JavaScript engineer, front-end engineer and Android developer. He started as a developer in 2007, working with small startups such as Greenly and big multinationals such as McDonald's. Gabriel writes JavaScript for servers, personal computers, mobile devices and gadgets. He makes them interact with each other and then expose pretty interfaces for the humans.

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Bogdan Soare - Senior Mobile Developer

Bogdan Soare

Senior Android Engineer

Bogdan is a senior Android developer with over 7 years of experience in the field. Over the course of his career, he has worked on a variety of products and industries from content platforms for fast-food chains, to e-commerce platforms for coffee brands, to a data visualisation tool for a big 5 consultancy. Bogdan is an excellent and incredibly fast problem solver and very proactive in his communication. He has great attention to detail, and crafts user-centric UIs and pixel perfect web experiences.

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Vladan Petrovic - Senior Mobile Developer

Vladan Petrovic

Senior Android Engineer

Vladan is pragmatic full-stack software architect with a strong foundation in computer science and a good set of engineering principles. With 13 years of professional experience, he loves solving complex and challenging problems and building great products from scratch. As a full-stack and Android developer, he has worked on projects ranging from enterprise Portal/ERP solutions, to e-banking systems for Swiss banks, to managing product architecture and development for global startups and clients.

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Andrea Franke
Director of Engineering / Product Operations

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