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Our CTO-level experts match top product & tech freelancers to agencies to make their clients' projects successful.

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We've been working with UPPER for over a year now and we trust them to find us talented freelancers for our most important clients. UPPER's speed, focus on quality, and expert-focused approach has helped us to complete mission-critical projects. UPPER is a valuable partner for us and we're excited to continue working alongside them.
Moreno Grgurić
Director Platform Technology
UPPER was instrumental in helping us to add missing tech manpower and skills to our clients' projects. The quality of the freelancers and the uncomplicated whitelabeling process gave us the confidence to not only use UPPER's service for single freelancers but also for whole delivery teams.
Jakob Schwankhaus
Co-Founder and Managing Director

You miss a role within your delivery team for your client's project?

Click on "Let's discuss", jump in a short kick-off call and define your needs in detail. Requests are generally non-binding and free of charge for you.

  • Assess requirements
  • Align on goals
  • Expert advice

We find the right minds for the job for you

We screen our closed-door and pre-vetted European community with more than 1000 experienced freelancers against your requirements. Once we identify potential fits, we interview them again specifically for your project and propose the best talent, usually within less than 2 weeks.

  • Receive max. 1-2 really matching profiles
  • Interview our proposed freelancer(s)
  • Assess technical and team fit

You decide for a profile and we take care of the rest

After you give us your "go" we centrally set up the contracts and the assignment can start; we also take care of the ongoing administrative tasks (weekly time tracking, monthly invoicing, continuous feedback).

  • We take care of all admin tasks (ie. agreements)
  • Take advantage of our on-boarding process
  • No hidden fees, no lock-ins, pricing transparency
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