Talent Acquisition Manager
(anywhere in Europe)

Join us in building the future of how people will work together to build software.

What we’re looking for

We are looking for our first hire in the Talent Operations department. As a Talent Acquisition Manager (Recruiter / Sourcer) at Upper, you will play a key role in contributing to the growth of our talent network by finding and engaging with the best talent in Europe.

This is a fully remote position (anywhere, based in EU) with occasional travel to Berlin (for quarterly team events).


Day-to-day responsibilities include:

  • Working closely with the Talent Ops lead to identify the skills shortages in our applicant pipeline and prepare a strategy on how to tackle the problem.
  • Find and approach new leads through Linkedin, Xing and other social networks which can be a source of tech talent.
  • Find and attend local, EU-based or even online communities, events and meetups which can be a source of tech talent.
  • Conduct the initial phone or video call with the candidate to assess if they are a high-level fit for UPPER network.
  • Track your candidate pipeline after you have introduced them to the Technical Screening team, to make sure nobody falls through the cracks.
  • Review and improve the applicants’ profile once they have finished their interview process and become a member of the UPPER network.

What you should bring to the table…

  • You have a proven track record in the talent acquisition space, with at least 2 years of hands-on experience as an independent talent acquisition manager.
  • You understand how to use the different search tools offered by Linkedin, Xing and other social networks which can act as a source of tech talent.
  • You are comfortable conducting and leading calls with prospects in English.
  • You understand (on a high-level) various technical mambo-jambo, for instance: you know Java and JavaScript have nothing in common.
  • You are an excellent communicator, you know timely and precise communication with your team while working remotely is very important.
  • You have a strong ability to problem solve and find new ways to create value.
  • You are interested in the tech industry.
  • Full professional proficiency in English.
  • As this is a remote position, you have a professional setting from where you can work without interruptions (like a home office or a co-working space).

…and what we bring in:

  • A vision and mission that is not for PR but truly lived. We are building the digital department of the future
  • Attractive base salary + commission
  • Shares to participate in UPPER’s success
  • Strong and highly passionate core team with experience in scaling b2b companies
  • A sexy solution with exciting customers that let you gain insights in the product landscape of Europe’s top companies
  • Fully remote enabled culture. Work with us from an office for a few days a week or go remote.
  • Team & company events
  • BONUS: If you like to travel, we do sponsor events, conferences and meetups you can attend.
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